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Hello and welcome to my web site
Here you will find some information about me and my novel 
"Over By Christmas"
plus my  contribution to the short story compilation
"Picked and Mixed"

Both published by U P Publications Ltd.


"Aspects of Life"
my latest short story collection

Aspects of LifeAspects of Life is a collection of eleven short stories of differing lengths and genres: black comedy, true historical events, personal experiences, fictional stories about a family閳ユ獨 cross roads, loneliness, the unspoken wanderings of individuals閳ワ拷 minds, animal interactions, personal fears and even what may be going through the mind of a stranger sitting opposite you on a train. Take a trip through these eclectic tales sparked by my experiences and imagination.

Aspects of Life

Kindle Edition only  ASIN: B01FKQ1YSK
Available only on Amazon


Picked and Mixed contains two previously unpublished collections of short stories by a number of different authors. It is an eclectic mix of styles and genres, from funny to sad, bizarre to strange, weird to wonderful - in other words, something for everyone. All the authors are contributing the royalties from this book to Cancer Research UK and the Publisher will match that donation. You can find out more about the book, the authors and the charity at

My own contribution to the book is five stories: "Little Windows"; "In Another Lifetime"; "My Brother"; "Dante's Revenge"  and "The Road To Auxerre".

Paperback ISBN-10 1908135255       ISBN-13 978-1908135254   
Kindle Edition  ASINB00AC7C1KI    


It is   1914. As war engulfs the British Empire, a young Royal Navy gunner, George Royal, is  waiting for his next ship in his home port where his best friend has fallen in   love with beautiful Carrie, a woman with secrets. But when she also becomes attracted to George she  puts the friendship between the two men in jeopardy.
Unprepared for war, Britain閳ユ獨 leadership is severely tested. Worse yet, the Prime Minister閳ユ獨 love for a young woman occupies his thoughts even during Cabinet  meetings as  his bickering warlords are making fate-changing decisions.
These two  stories, separate but inextricably linked, reveal how the personal lives and motivations of leaders can influence the course of a war and the fate of those fighting it -- on one hand, the personalities and machinations of the    leaders and, on the other, George閳ユ獨 coming-of-age through a love triangle at home and his experience of the comradeship, excitement and tragedies of the war at sea.


Over By Christmas      
9781908135032 905988400

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